Dutch Lotto results 2021-04-03

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Saturday, the 3rd of April

Notable in these results

  1. All numbers in the results on 2021-04-03 are higher or equal to those in the previous results.
  2. The first 3 statistical factors (Sum of numbers, Sum of digits and Numbers range) are all up compared to the previous ones.
  3. Notice that there are 2 sets of two consecutive numbers in this draw.
  4. Numbers 25 from this draw can be found in the previous Dutch Lotto numbers and/or their neighbors.
  5. The greatest distance between two adjacent numbers in these results is 16 (9 to 25) while the smallest distance is 1 (due to the consecutive numbers)

Dutch statistics for 2021-04-03

Statistical factor Value Trend Change
Sum of numbers 165 170.49%
Sum of digits 39 56%
Numbers range 35 52.17%
Evens 3 2
Odds 3 -2
Repeating Decades 2+2 -1
Repeating last digits 1 -1
Hot number 27 not drawn
Cold number 33 not drawn
Most overdue number 33 not drawn
Repeating numbers N/A

Note: Trend column based on the previous results.

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