Australia Powerball Results

Australia Powerball Results

The latest Australia Powerball results for 2022-06-30 posted at 2022-06-30 10:14 GMT

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Best member prediction: 5+1 winning numbers
Best free prediction: 4 winning numbers

Predictions - LATEST

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Here you can see the free predictions we provided for the latest Australia Powerball results, including the 3 random member predictions.
For this particular draw, our best free prediction was 4 winning numbers on 2 different tickets.

Predictions - 2022-07-07

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Free predictions for the next draw. The best way to use them is by picking your numbers from one single row.

Latest statistics

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The Australia Powerball statistics after the most recent draw including, but not limited to, the sum of numbers, sum of digits, numbers range, evens vs. odds.

Last Draw Summary

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The latest Australia Powerball draw in a nutshell. Find out what changed and what did not after the latest results have been drawn.

Heat Map


This heat map shows the frequency of each of the Australia Powerball numbers in the form of a color between yellow and red.

Hot/Cold/Overdue 100 draws


The hot, cold and overdue Australia Powerball numbers based on the last 100 draws.

Hot/Cold/Overdue over 4 weeks


And the hot, cold and overdue Australia Powerball numbers based on the results from the past four weeks.

Numbers that DID follow

Yes, they did

Want to know the next Australia Powerball winning numbers? The lotto numbers that followed (HAVE been drawn immediately after) the ones in this draw may provide a good clue.

Numbers that did NOT follow

No, they didn't

...these have NEVER been drawn immediately after the corresponding ones in this draw

Average of numbers


Here is the average of the numbers based on the last 100 draws.

Results Image

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The Australia Powerball results image showing the winning numbers as well as the related brief stats.

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