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  6. Rep. nrs & neighbors
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10. Match generated against

This section of the number generator turns it into an advanced lottery checker. Let's assume that you used the number generator to generate US Powerball combinations for 2019-05-04.

And that the numbers you have wheeled were 06, 08, 12, 16, 23, 30, 42, 58 and 61. And 02 for the Powerball.

You could have ended up with 20 generated possible next results, like so:

Number generator - Results for the match against filters

After the draw from 2019-05-04 took place and the results from that date were posted on our website, you came back to the number generator, selected the same nine numbers + the Powerball you used to generate your US Powerball combinations and applied the same filters as before the draw.

And then, you opened the "Settings" section of the number generator and next to the "Ignore the last... Powerball results" you typed 1 after which you clicked somewhere outside that text field. This would tell the number generator to ignore the last draw and it will also automatically select the numbers from that draw in the Match generated against section. At this point, this section would look like in this image:

Number generator - Match against results - prefilled based on previous draw

Then, you clicked on the "Generate my numbers" button.

As a result, the generator would have returned the very same 20 generated combinations as before, but they would have been enhanced by showing how many matches each generated combination contains (small red box) and will underline the matching numbers.

Furthermore, above the generated combinations, the generator will also create a report grouped by the total matches.
In the next screen-shot, the report shows that, in the first chunk (Chunk 1):

Number generator - Used as US Powerball checker for a certain draw

We can only hope you did exactly as described above and ended up winning the US Powerball jackpot on 2019-05-04 :-)