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3. Numbers in position

The second filtering position of the number generator contains the "Numbers in position" filters. These filters can be used to be even more restrictive when it comes to what number can occupy any of the positions in a combination (e.g. first number, second number, etc...)

The Lottery Matrix shows us that some lottery numbers take a certain position in the lottery results more than others. For instance, US Powerball numbers 01 and 05 were in the first position a total of 9 and 8 times respectively, while Euromillions number 01, occupied the first position in the Euromillions results 16 times during the last 100 draws.

This means that the number generator also needs to be able to filter the generated results based on this criteria, right?

For this number generator section we'll keep the filters we used in the previous section, "Number colors".

If we take a look at the US Powerball results we generated while using the number colors filters, we can easily see that the first set of results (03-08-22-24-55 + 11) has the third number 22, while all others have the third number 24. Well, this is a small set of results which we generated for the purpose of presenting the number generator functionality but, in real life usage, the generator will most likely return a significantly higher number of results/combinations.

Let's try to further narrow what we already achieved with the number colors filters. To do so, let's select, under the "Numbers in position > Can contain any selected" filters, in the "3rd can be" multiple select, number 22, like so:

Number generator - Number colors filters too restrictive

And click on "Generate my numbers". The number generator will every combination not having the third number equal to 22. In our case, only one combination (or US Powerball result) will be returned. That would be the first one, because it's the only one that, beside respecting the number colors filters, it also respects the second set of filters applied. The "Numbers in position" filters which was set as described above.

Here are the results the number generator returned:

Number generator - Number colors filters too restrictive

It should probably be mentioned that, under "Can contain any selected" you can select, for each position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc...) as many numbers as you wish. The number generator will return the combinations that contain ANY of the numbers you selected for a certain position.

You can easily overwrite the number colors number groups using this set of filters ;-)

So far we looked at how can we keep ("Can contain any...") the numbers in certain positions. What if we want to exclude numbers from certain position. That's what the "Must NOT contain any selected" sub-section is for. In these multiple drop-downs we can select one or more numbers that can NOT be in a certain position. So, by selecting, for example, 51 for for position 5 (5th NOT drop-down), we tell the number generator that we only want the combinations that do NOT have number 51 as the fifth number. And if we select 51 and 55, we only want those combinations that don't have 51 nor 55 as the fifth number.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the Number Generator Forum.

We can now move on and look into a more sophisticated set of filters. The filtering section called "Sum, Range, Gap & Repeat".

Most common numbers in position

The screen-shots represent actual data at the time of this writing. The updated numbers in position statistics are available on the Lottery Matrix.

US Powerball numbers in certain positions

US Powerball common numbers in each position

Euromillions numbers in certain positions

EuroMillions common numbers in each position