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  1. ToC
  2. Number colors
  3. Numbers in position
  4. Sum, Range, Gap & Repeat
  5. Consec, Even/Odd and Space
  6. Rep. nrs & neighbors
  7. Key, Exclude & Trends
  8. Lotto history filters
  9. Settings
  10. Match generated against
  11. Numbers to wheel
  12. Generated numbers
  13. Available generators
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9. Settings

Numbers to wheel layout (nrs/row)

The number generator will display, by default, the numbers to wheel in five columns (5nr/row). This setting allows you to customize the numbers to wheel view. For example, if you set the value of this field to 10, the number generator will display the numbers to wheel in 19 columns.

Wheel numbers from ... draws

Sometimes the winning lottery numbers are the same numbers as the ones in the previous draw or very few draws. This setting of the number generator will help you by automatically selecting the numbers from the latest ... draws. You can also chose to select the neighbors of those numbers.

Ignore the last n drawings

Use this setting to ignore a certain number of drawings going backwards from the last one. For example, by typing 2 in this field, the last 2 lottery drawings for which you are using the generator will be ignored.
Furthermore, the generator will automatically match the generated numbers to the lottery results of the closest ignored drawing.

Chunk size

Based on the amount of the selected numbers to wheel and based on the filters applied, there can be a huge amount of generated lotto results. This could result in screen freezing or other unpleasant experiences.
For this reason the number generator will split that huge amount of generated combinations in chunks. Use the chunk size field to set how many generated sets of numbers should be displayed on your screen at any one time (= in one chunk).

Shuffle prefiltered lotto results

The generator generates the combinations in an ascending order (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5   -   1, 2, 3, 4, 6   -   1, 2, 3, 4, 7   -   etc.)
If a relatively large number of combinations is being generated, you may want to only use let's say 20 of them. Now, due to the way the numbers are being generated, you will end up having 20 very similar results which may not be exactly what you want. So you can choose to shuffle the generated combinations before any filters are being applied. This way you will end up having 20 pretty different ones.

View as CSV

At last but certainly not least, the "View as CSV" setting allows you to generate the numbers as comma separated values, one number set per row.

Just copy and paste them into a CSV file. This is a feature many of our users asked for so we made it available.

The number generator settings panel looks like this:

Number generator - settings panel