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About our prediction system

Our unique lottery prediction system was initially launched back in 2015 and it has been constantly improved ever since. At the time of this writing it is the only system out there capable of significantly and realistically increasing the chances to win. We are not aware of the existence of another system that is capable of consistently predicting the jackpot of any lottery.

Let's see how the LottoMatic prediction system works...

🛈Important note: LottoMatic is a lottery analysis service. It is not a gambling service. In other words, you can get the latest results, number analysis and mathematically calculated predictions here but you can not play those (or any other) numbers on this website.

Imagine that we fill a basket with all possible tickets/combinations of a particular lottery. Our system goes trough each of those combinations and -- by using complex mathematical formulas and a bunch computing power -- eliminates a significant amount of them. The remaining combinations contain a great deal of winning numbers and are being posted on our website. Users can narrow the predictions we post even further by using various filtering criteria.

🛈What sets LottoMatic apart is the capability of filtering out a fraction of all possible lottery combinations and still catch the jackpot.

The predictions we provide are available to all our visitors and users. While regular visitors (non-members) can view and filter the predictions starting with approximately 60 minutes before the draw, a LottoMatic membership gives you access to them immediately when they are posted. What this means is that members have more time to work on the filters. The number of predictions can be narrowed tremendously by applying the available filters.

🛈The predictions for the latest/previous results, including the filters, are available to everyone regardless of membership status.

Please read the in-depth description of our number generator which is the core of the lotto predictions we provide

How does it work

From a technical point of view, the prediction process goes through 3 steps.

Step 1

LottoMatic is analyzing the most recently drawn results and the related statistical factors. Based on this analysis, our prediction system is establishing the filtering criteria that will be used.

Step 2

During the second step, the system is making use of the information obtained in step 1 and is catching/keeping every combination (prediction) that meets the established filtering criteria.
At the end of step 2, the kept predictions are being posted on the corresponding lottery page under

Step 3

Once the next draw takes place and the results are published by the officials, our system kicks in again and matches the predictions we provided (Step 2) to the latest results. The matching winning numbers contained by our predictions are being highlighted (light green BG).

Where do I find them?

The easiest way to find our lotto predictions is by opening the all available lotto results page and look for the lottery you're interested in.

Once you find the lottery you're interested in, click/tap the "Predictions" button inside that particular lottery card to open the next/latest predictions page.

🛈The prediction filters are available and explained right there, at the top of the predictions, once you open them. The first section under the filters (Filters Help) explains how to use them. Some practical examples are also provided.

What is it?

The predictions we provide are based on mathematics. It is the only proven way to improve your chances to win.

What is it NOT?

It is NOT a get rich scheme!
It is NOT a way out of your financial crisis!

Who is it for?

Anyone who looking for lotto predictions based on statistical analysis, anyone who likes to work with numbers and anyone who play the lottery based on a strategy.

What's the whole point of it?

To play against improved odds instead of the regular odds.


Q: How can I verify that the predictions posted before the draw were the same as the ones I see after the draw takes place?

A: Since all our prediction are available to everyone, you could open and take screenshots of any of the prediction pages and, after the draw, open those pages again and compare them with your screenshots. Make sure you use the same sorting (select option: "as they were generated") when you take your screenshots and when you check them.

Q: When are the predictions for the next draw being posted?

A: Our system starts working on the predictions for the next draw shortly after the latest results are out. While for daily lottery games this usually means one day before the predicted draw, for other lotteries the predictions are being posted two or more days before the next draw.

Q: How many predictions are being posted for each draw?

A: The number of predictions for each draw can be very different from one draw to another. The exact number of predictions posted for each draw can be determined by the total number of prediction pages which is displayed in the pagination section above the predictions. Each page contains 10 predictions. The last page may contain less though.

Q: How do I find the 3 random predictions?

A: The 3 random predictions can be revealed by using the filters. There is a particular filter ("The 3 random") that does just that.

Q: What is the best prediction we see on the social channels?

A: The best prediction is/are the one/s containing the most winning numbers. Those are the best performing predictions. The predictions need to be matched to the results in order for us to be able to display the best predictions.

Q: Are the predictions different before and after the draw??

A: The predictions are exactly the same. The only difference is the way they are being sorted/ordered. The default sorting after the draw is by their performance. However, anyone can sort the predictions before AND after the draw. Using the "As they were generated" option you will see the same predictions both before and after the draw.

Available lotto predictions

LottoMatic offers predictions for almost every lottery we analyze/monitor. The predictions for every lottery is available using the buttons below.
Have fun and Good Luck!

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