Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 Latest Results

Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 Latest Results

Latest results → Saturday, September 30th

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Brief latest statistics Last draw summary Heat map Hot/Cold/Overdue - 100 draws Hot/Cold/Overdue - 4 weeks Numbers that DID follow... ...and numbers that did NOT Average of numbers

Latest results statistics table

Statistical factor C/V Change Trend
Sum of numbers 88 -29.03%
Sum of digits 25 -26.47%
Numbers range 23 -11.54%
Evens 3 2
Odds 2 -2
RD 3 1
RLd 1 -1
Hot number 2 not drawn N/A
Cold number 38 not drawn N/A
Most overdue number 37 not drawn N/A
Repeating numbers N/A N/A

Stats table columns explained

  • Statistical factor = Describes what the value represent as follows:
    • Sum of numbers is the sum of all main numbers drawn in the latest results (6 + 11 + 20...)
    • Sum of digits is the sum of all digits that make up the numbers (6 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2...)
    • Numbers range is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers in these results. In this particular case that would be 29 - 6
    • Evens shows how many even numbers have been drawn
    • Odds shows how many odd numbers have been drawn
    • RD represents the repeating decades. In these results the decade 2 showed up 3 times
    • RLd represents the repeating last digits. In the latest results all last digits showed up once!
    • Hot number, cold number and most overdue numbers should be pretty self explanatory
    • Repeating numbers, if any, are those drawn in the previous results
  • C/V = Current Value
  • Change = Change percentage compared to the previous results
  • Trend = Icon showing the trend of the current value compared to previous

Note: Trend column based on the previous results.

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