Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 winning numbers app

Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 winning numbers app

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Unlike most of the lottery tools we offer here on LottoMatic, the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 winning numbers generator doesn't take into account any of the lottery statistical data. It simply generates random numbers.

There are two ways to use this lotto tool:

1. You can wheel the lottery numbers . Once you start the wheeling process, it will go on until you stop it.
Every time you click/tap on the Quick Pick button, as long as the wheeling is on, a set of "winning numbers" will be added to the list.
The last set of Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 numbers you pick will always be at the top of the list.

2. The second option is to pick the lottery winning numbers one set at a time by clicking on the "Pick One Set" button. Every time you click on this button a new set of numbers will be generated. To add the set of numbers to your lottery winning numbers list click/tap on the "Ad to My Winning Numbers" button.

Once you're done generating and picking, you can click/tap on the "Copy All" button and the list will automatically be copied to the clipboard for you.

In case you are looking for a more advanced way to generate your numbers, take a look at the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 Generator.

Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 "winning numbers" generator


↓ Your (hopefully) winning numbers ↓

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