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Who we are

We are a small team of programmers based in Sweden with a passion for the behavior of lottery numbers.
Back in 2015 Gabriel, the founder and developer of LottoMatic.live, realized that lotto results do follow certain patterns which lead him to start working on an application that would analyze the results of various lotteries out there.

The application quickly confirmed the fact and got developed further up to the point where it now offers among the most comprehensive lottery statistics available.

What we do

Long story short...

We provide lottery results, statistical analysis as well as various advanced lottery tools for a total of 101 games worldwide.

...and a little more detailed

So, driven by the desire to find out if the assumption that lotto numbers follow certain patterns is true or not, we started working on various tools to analyze lotto results. The first step was to develop lots of statistics based on lotto results of different lotteries around the world.
Once we took a close look at those lottery statistics, it became clear that our assumption -- lotto results do have certain predictable behavior -- is true. Alright... if that's true, lottery results must be predictable! we thought.

And this is how it all started... We have developed an advanced lottery number generator which can filter the generated results (sets of lotto numbers) based on various criteria obtained from the lotto statistics. We also developed a fully automated lottery prediction system which predicted several jackpots on a weekly basis.

Later on we shared this with the world, initially in the form of LottoMatic.info then, in April 2019, we switched over to LottoMatic.org and finally in 2022 moved to LottoMatic.live. We decided to keep the previous versions up for our users who are used to those systems.

Alright, so... can lottery results be predicted?

They certainly can!

We've been running numerous tests and came to the clear conclusion that lottery results can be predicted to some extent. We have generated predictions for various lotteries during the last years. The sets of numbers that need to be generated in order for them to contain the winning numbers is rather large but is a tiny fraction from all possible numbers and in most cases (over 80%) they return a profit.

Furthermore, we developed a special app which will -- once the draw we predicted takes place -- match the predictions against the lotto results and show how our predictions performed.

About the site structure

LottoMatic.live has a tree like folder structure where the upper level contains the lottery games for which we provide lotto results, statistics and lotto tools.
The lottery folders can be accessed from the home page. Inside each lottery folder you'll find the various resources for that particular lottery. To access the resources, once you're inside a lottery folder, click on the button located at the upper right corner of each page of this website.
The menu opening button looks like so:


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