About LottoMatic

Lotto Results & Predictions

Who we are

We are a small team of programmers based in Sweden analyzing lotto results. Our research shows that, by applying a set of complex mathematical calculations to the latest drawn numbers, it actually is possible to increase the chances of winning the lottery, by keeping only those lottery combinations that have a statistically higher chance to be drawn next. And so the LottoMatic project came alive back in 2015.

During the years of research we came to the conclusion that the key to achieving such task is to look at the lottery results as a whole rather than the individual lotto numbers.

What we do

1. Lotto Results

The most recent lottery results for 101 lotteries are being published by LottoMatic shortly after the official draws take place. The new results are always available on our home page in real time. Once the lotto numbers are in our database, we pass them trough a set of (custom) number analyzer programs and provide you with the...

2. Lotto Numbers Statistics

Our lottery statistics are among the most comprehensive available out there. We are analyzing as many aspects of the lotto numbers as possible. The outcome is shown to our users in the form of the Lottery Matrix.

3. Lottery Predictions

Based on the results analysis, our lottery prediction system is performing complex computations for every possible set of lotto results that may be drawn next time. The outcome of this action is a set of narrowed results with a fair statistical chance to become winning numbers.

More about our lottery prediction system on this page.

4. Advanced Lottery Tools

A set of advanced lottery tools is available for each of the 101 lottery games we analyze. These tools include the fully featured lottery number wheel/generator as well as a smart lottery quick pick system which generates unique lottery results (each quick pick generated once, no duplicates) between any two drawings.

The site structure

LottoMatic.live has a tree like folder structure where the upper level contains all available lottery games. The next level is made up of the main pages of the lotteries we analyze.
The main page of each lottery can be accessed from our home page. Inside each lottery card you will find links to various resources for that particular lottery. Once on the main page of any lottery, the related resources are available under the menu (button located at the upper right corner).


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