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Use our lottery quick pick to generate the "meat" for your lottery tickets.

Links to the available lottery quick-picks can be found at the bottom of this page.

Quick Pick System description

Let's start by saying that the lottery quick picks we generate are unique meaning that every single quick pick is only being generated once between two drawings. We save each generated quick pick in our database and, whenever we generate another one, we check the newly generated one against the quick picks saved in our database.
If we find a match, a new one will be generated (and -- if necessary -- another one, and another one, and another one, etc...) until we find and display your unique lottery quick pick.

Furthermore, we make sure the quick picks we provide are smart enough to follow the common patterns of the lotto results/numbers of the lottery for which they are provided.
What do we mean by lottery smart quick picks?

Let's say the most recent lottery results never had the SUM of the numbers lower than X nor greater than Y and the range (difference between the highest and the lowest numbers in a lotto results set) was never lower than A nor greater than B.
When we generate your quick picks, we make sure the sum of their numbers will be between X and Y and their range will be between A and B. In this example we only discuss a couple of factors but there are a lot more being analyzed by our system.
This way the lottery quick pick you get here on LottoMatic has an increased chance of being a winner.

Quick pick trends & stats

Note: If you'd like to make use of the Quick Pick settings, make sure you turn them on before you start generating your Quick Picks. Turning on/off any of the settings while having already generated Quick Picks on your screen, will change them with new ones!

When the "Trends" setting is on, the small arrows under each QP number tells the user whether the number is greater, lower or equal to the corresponding number in the latest results.

It is important to mention that, although a QP set may contain, for instance, two numbers from the latest drawn numbers, only one or even none of them may have the icon. In order for the refresh icon to be shown, the number must be the same as the corresponding number in the latest draw. For example, if the 3rd number in the latest draw is 33 and your QP also has 33 as the 3rd number, the refresh icon will be shown but if number 33 in your QP is NOT the 3rd number, the refresh icon will be replaced with the up icon if 33 is greater than the 3rd number from the latest draw or with the down icon if 33 is lower than the 3rd number from the latest draw..

The meaning of the statistical data displayed under each generated quick pick:

  1. SUM is the SUM of the numbers in your lotto quick pick
  2. SUMd is the SUM of the digits that make up those numbers
  3. Range is the difference between the highest number and the lowest number in your quick pick
  4. E/O (Evens/Odds) shows how many even numbers and how many odd numbers your lottery quick pick contain
  5. RD represent how many repeating decades are present in your quick pick
  6. RLd represent how many repeating last digits there are
  7. If the "Cons" setting is on, for each set of consecutive numbers (2 consecutives, 3 consecutives, etc...) the border of the numbers will have joined corners so that the user can easily identify the consecutive numbers.

If you're a power lottery player with a good understanding of lotto numbers and if you like to observe the lottery you're playing, you may also find our number generator an interesting option/alternative.

Available lotto quick picks

These are the lottery games for which we provide Quick Picks.
Have fun and Good Luck!

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