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Even if you are not a LottoMatic member, you still have access to all the information we provide. A membership is only needed for using the features/lottery tools that require a lot of server resources. You may want a LottoMatic membership if any of the following applies to you:

  1. You would like to use our generators to wheel more than (drawn numbers of a lottery + 5). A membership will allow you to wheel up to 35 numbers!
    • For a 5/69 lottery system (e.g. US Powerball) non-members can wheel up to 10 numbers
    • For a 5/50 lottery system (e.g. EuroMillions) non-members can wheel up to 10 numbers
    • For a 6/49 lottery system (e.g. UK 49s) non-members can wheel up to 11 numbers
    • For a 7/44 lottery system (e.g. Australia Set For Life) non-members can wheel up to 12 numbers
  2. You want early access to our predictions. All our predictions are available to all users (members or not) 30 minutes before the draw takes place. Even before that, starting with the second we post them, every 10th prediction on the first predictions page is available to non members. You only need a membership if you want to have access to ALL our predictions right when we post them. For lotteries with a daily draw that is usually at least one day before the draw takes place while for lotteries having 1-2 draws/week we post the predictions several days before the draw.
  3. You'd like to use all prediction filtering options earlier than 30 minutes before the draw. In other words, starting with 30 minutes before the draw, everyone has access to all filters (although basic filtering options are always available to everyone). Given the fact that some filtering options can use server resources extensively, using them earlier than 30 minutes before the draw will require a membership.
  4. For each lottery matrix, the first 10 rows are available to all users at all times. Since this is another feature using significant server resources, if you need access to all 100 rows, a membership will be needed.

If you consider you need a membership, please see which of the 3 access levels below fits your needs.

Non-members have access to

All the lotto results we provide along with all related features, tools and settings (SUM of digits, Range of numbers, Even/Odd, Max RD/RLd, etc.) - No restrictions there whatsoever.

The list below applies to our predictions for forthcoming draws only. Previous predictions have no restrictions. Everything marked with is available for free at all times. Prediction filtering options marked with are also available for free 30 minutes before the next draw.

Important note 1: Feature #2 above only only refers to our predictions for any next draw. For the previous draws, all features/filtering options are available to all users. Please make sure you read how our prediction system works

Important note 2: LottoMatic is a lottery analysis service. It is not a gambling service. In other words, you can get the latest results, number analysis and mathematically calculated predictions here but you can not play those (or any other) numbers on this website.

Important note 3: Saving predictions in CSV and/or JSON format requires a Level 3 membership/access.

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time from your PayPal account. Once cancelled, there will be no further charge/renewal attempts.

Membership fees are expressed in $USD. To find out approximately how how much the fee will be in your currency, you can use this online currency converter.

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