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Table of Contents (ToC)

  1. ToC
  2. Number colors
  3. Numbers in position
  4. Sum, Range, Gap & Repeat
  5. Consec, Even/Odd and Space
  6. Rep. nrs & neighbors
  7. Key, Exclude & Trends
  8. Lotto history filters
  9. Settings
  10. Match generated against
  11. Numbers to wheel
  12. Generated numbers
  13. Available generators
  14. Further resources


This set of pages is an exhaustive description, with examples and screen-shots, of our advanced number generator, also called a lottery wheeling system.

Wait... what is a number generator?

It is a piece of software -- web based in our case -- that generates number combinations of K elements out of a total (or pool if you will) of N. Where K represents how many numbers there must be in each combination and N represents how many numbers are available to generate from. For example, in a 6/49 lottery system, K would be 6 and N would be 49.

There are literally thousands of number generators available out there, from very simple to the most complex. Some of them just allow the user to generate random sets of numbers, others provide some basic filtering while the most complex ones go beyond that level to give the user features such as filtering the generated numbers based on previous lottery statistical data or even based on lottery number colors. Our number generators are definitely in the complex category due to the large number of features (filters) they offer. For this reason, instead of describing on one endless page how to use the number generator, let's split all that information in sections, each one having it's own page. Links in the ToC above.

Is it free?

It certainly is for generating numbers from a pool with up to 5 + the amount of numbers drawn in a lottery. Let's say you want to generate US Powerball combinations, you can generate them from up to 10 numbers (the amount of numbers drawn in Powerball + 5). If you'd like to wheel more than that, you will need to become a paid member and the main reason for that is represented by the significant server resources needed to generate and filter combinations from a pool with more than 10-15 numbers.

The monthly fee is around the cost of 5 to 10 lottery tickets. A bargain for the frequent lottery player if you consider the benefits. Playing the lottery is fun. But it's even more fun playing to win.

Is it complicated?

No, it is not. The formulas used by the number generator are explained in simple words so that anyone reading the help pages can understand it. It takes some time to configure all available filters but, for anyone having basic education, it should be pretty straight forward. It is worth mentioning that the more filters are being configured and the more restrictive they are, the lower the number of generated combinations will be.

Can I use the generators on a mobile device?

The number generator is optimized for mobile use. However, due to the large number of features that need to be displayed on the screen at once, the user experience will be best on a device with a screen width of 1280px or more.

Further info

Before you move on and start digging into the different help sections, here are some things that you should take note of.

In an attempt to present you the most realistic possible scenarios, practical examples will be provided, using real lottery data as it is at the time of this writing (2019-04-07). Screen-shots will be made available wherever relevant, at the bottom of the page or inline. Although some screen-shots will show data related to a particular lottery, keep in mind that each number generator we offer follow the same general rules. So, if you see some settings/filters related to EuroMillions, rest assured the same principle can be used in the US Powerball generator. And the vice-versa.

A link to every number generator provided by LottoMatic is available, on each help section page, at the bottom of the page if the page is viewed on a mobile device or, in the case of a desktop or similar, in the sidebar on the right.

Whichever number generator you open, its filters will be pre-set based on the statistical data of the lottery that particular generator is for. Since the filters are being set by the system with a broad tolerance, we strongly suggest you review and adjust them before you actually start generating your lottery numbers.

You are welcome to post your questions, comments and suggestions in the Number Generator forum.

You've read so far so you probably are interested in the features. Let's dig right into it! Use the Table of contents to browse the section you're most interested in.

The best and most reliable data for setting the filters can be found in the Lottery Matrix.

Here is a screen-shot of the number generator with all filtering sections closed.

Number generator

And this screen-shot shows the "Numbers to wheel" section open, with 15 numbers selected for the US Powerball.

Number generator - US Powerball numbers selected