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Free services

  1. The latest lotto results in a timely manner, including the last draw summary
  2. Latest results brief stats and summary
  3. Lotto statistics updated after every draw
  4. Results that DID follow
  5. Results that did NOT follow
  6. Lotto numbers heat map (real time update)
  7. Number generators allow the wheeling of drawn numbers + 5 nrs (e.g. For the US Powereball you can wheel 10 numbers!)
  8. Lottery matrix view for 5 draws only starting with the one that took place 10 draws ago
  9. Winning numbers app
  10. Number analyzer

🛈Important note: LottoMatic is a lottery analysis service. It is not a gambling service. In other words, you can get the latest results, number analysis and mathematically calculated predictions here but you can not play those (or any other) numbers on this website.

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