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Latest results → Tuesday, February 20th


Colors 49s pattern Cons Trends

Our best prediction for this draw

1316213249+06 + another 27 predictions with 3+1 winning numbers each

Notable in these results

  1. The greatest distance between two adjacent numbers in these results is 11 (21 to 32) while the smallest distance is 3 (13 to 16)
  2. It is worth mentioning that numbers 4, 16, 21 were also drawn in the latest Lotto Lordag (1) results.
  3. Except for 2 (13, 21), all are even numbers: (4, 16, 32)
  4. All numbers in the results on 2024-02-20 are lower or equal to those in the previous results.
  5. Look how close to each other these 2 numbers have been: 13, 16. Only 3 numbers apart and they all share the same decade represented by number 1
  6. The first 3 statistical factors (Sum of numbers, Sum of digits and Numbers range) are all down compared to the previous ones.
  7. Numbers 32 from this draw can be found in the previous South Africa Powerball numbers and/or their neighbors.

Brief latest statistics

Table containing the statistical factors updated after the latest results.

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Last draw summary

The latest South Africa Powerball results in a nutshell.

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Heat map

This heat map shows the frequency of each of the South Africa Powerball numbers in the form of a color between yellow and red. The more the color of the lotto number is towards the red, the more frequently that particular number was drawn during all draws. The small black box over the upper left of each South Africa Powerball number represents how many times that particular number has been drawn.

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Hot/Cold/Overdue numbers

The hot, cold and overdue numbers based on the last 4 weeks and 100 draws respectively.

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Next winning numbers

Want to know the next South Africa Powerball winning numbers? The lotto numbers that followed (HAVE been drawn immediately after) the ones in this draw may provide a good clue.

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Numbers that did not follow

These are the South Africa Powerball numbers that NEVER followed (have never been drawn immediately after) the ones in this draw.

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Average of numbers

This is the average of the South Africa Powerball numbers based on the last 100 draws.

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