Ontario 49 Lotto sextuplets (pairs of 6)

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These are the most common Ontario 49 Lotto sextuplets organized in three different categories. The first category of sextuplets contains numbers that are not consecutive. The second category is for the sextuplets made up of consecutive Ontario 49 Lotto numbers. And finally, the least common category shows just that. The sextuplets that came out the least in this particular lottery.

Under each set of sextuplets you will find interesting details such as how many times that particular sextuplet was drawn (present in the...) during all previous Ontario 49 Lotto results as well as how many draws have passed since the sextuplet last came out. Furthermore, a link is provided -- in the form of the draw date -- to the Ontario 49 Lotto results where the numbers in that particular sextuplet was drawn.

Click/tap any of the numbers to highlight them over the Ontario 49 Lotto results.

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Most common sextuplets

No Ontario 49 Lotto sextuplets were drawn more than once.

Most common consecutive sextuplets

No consecutive Ontario 49 Lotto sextuplets were drawn more than once.

Least common sextuplets

Ontario 49 Lotto sextuplets are pairs of 6 numbers which is the same as the main numbers drawn in this particular lottery. Please consult the Ontario 49 Lotto results to find out more.