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The latest story of Ontario 49 Lotto number 22.

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First things first... number 22 appeared in the Ontario 49 Lotto results 117 times and a total of 30,104 times in the other 98 lottery games we analyze here at LottoMatic.

Let's break down the 117 times this particular lottery number showed up in the Ontario 49 Lotto results...

Our analysis shows that it has a favorite day. Wednesday! This number has been in the Wednesday's Ontario 49 Lotto results 62 times.

Now let us look at the chart below and see when was 22 hot number and when it cooled down during the last 100 drawings. This chart aims to reflect a realistic image of when and for how long this number is hot or cold.

Heat factor (hot/cold) chart for number 22 in Ontario 49 Lotto

Loading Loading heat factor chart for number 22...

On the other hand, Saturday is a day when 22 is a little absent :) It only showed up 55 times.

By taking a closer look at this number's behavior we can see that the best buddy number 22 seems to be having is number 04. They were drawn together in a total of 21 Ontario 49 Lotto results but for some reason the same number 22 chose to show up with number 5 only 7 times.

We asked the statistics department how did number 22 do during each month of the year and they gave us an this answer:

Months Times drawn
Septembers 12
Junes 11
Marches 11
Julys 10
Novembers 10
Aprils 10
Decembers 9
Januarys 9
Februarys 8
Octobers 7

As for the years go, this number was drawn...

Year Times drawn
2019 18
2013 17
2015 13
2014 12
2016 12
2018 11
2020 9

Oh, and one more thing, last time number 22 was drawn in the Ontario 49 Lotto was on 2020-09-23 but you probably knew that already :)

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