Louisiana (LA) lottery results 2023-11-08

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Wednesday, the 8th of November

Notable in these results

  1. The first 3 statistical factors (Sum of numbers, Sum of digits and Numbers range) are mixed.
  2. Look how close to each other these 3 numbers have been: 10, 12, 13. Only 3 numbers apart and they all share the same decade represented by number 1
  3. None of the numbers in these results are numbers from the previous Louisiana (LA) lottery results or their neighbors.
  4. The greatest distance between two adjacent numbers in these results is 14 (13 to 27) while the smallest distance is 1 (due to the consecutive numbers)

Louisiana (LA) lottery statistics for 2023-11-08

Statistical factor Value Trend Change
Sum of numbers 123 12.84%
Sum of digits 33 -10.81%
Numbers range 22 -33.33%
Evens 3
Odds 3
Repeating Decades 3+2 1
Repeating last digits 2
Hot number 22 not drawn
Cold number 27 drawn
Most overdue number 24 not drawn
Repeating numbers N/A

Note: Trend column based on the previous results.

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